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Driving in Las Vegas

More driving

Convention center

Hilton Sign

Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere tower

From the car..

Porn in public places

Old city

Old city

Golden Nugget

Crazy Girls!

All my dreams come true

Looks scary, doesn't it?

Hilton from road

Trash cans

The Hilton

Star Trek sign

Vlad in front of the Enterprise

Giant Enterprise

There are a bunch

With every angle

And with Vlad

Janeway's suit

Photon Torpedo

Voyager poster

Klingon women and Katie

Vlad and the Borg

Vlad at Quark's Bar

Katie with menu

Vlad with dinner and drinks

Borg Picard

Life size

Poster people

They have a glare

Janeway with Seven!

Katie with fake people

Vlad with fake people

Romulan Ale

Vlad with Borg Queen

Figure of Q

Wall.. looks cool

Katie at the enterance

Vlad at the enterance

Vlad with model ship

Star Trekkie

Model ship

Picture station


Klingon Empire

Info station on the Borg

Vlad with Borg

How many ships were there?

Vlad liked this one

Looking down at Quark's

Vlad with ship

Star Trek slots

Hilton lobby

Hilton lobby

Hilton lobby

The King

Bellagio at night



Bally's at night

Big Statues


All lit up

Flamingo at night

Caesars at night


Vlad in front of Ceasars



People taking pictures

Rich ass bastards

That is a big women

Caesars Palace

Another large statue

WB store in Caesars

Domed ceiling


A mighty man

The Trojan Horse


With light

That could hurt

Racing Horse


Vlad showing his power


Journey to Atlantis

Vlad being a man

It is bigger than me

Stunning woman

Oscar is hiding

Popping up to say hi


Reaching for the Muppets

Singing in FAO!


The horse's ass

Vlad in the doghouse

Harry Potter!

Vlad and his duck

The Caesar Way