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Fish Day

Ate a lot of fish and veggies today. Talapia for lunch, mahi mahi and tuna for dinner. Pretty good day, no deserts, no snacks, plenty of veggies. Little bit too much fried stuff and yes, again, too much soda. Still cutting down slowly, but it’s hard – it’s as if I have an addiction to holding a cold can in my hand and hearing that pop when it’s snapped open.

On the exercise front, did a bit of cardio and a few reps of various situps, pushups, etc. I’m way, way, way too out of shape for that stuff.

Tomorrow, I’m adding Wii Sports to my rotation, hopefully thats going to make it possible to do something other than jogging through inertia :)

Calorie wise, no idea what I ate – I know I burned about 400 in jogging and a few more in other work and walking around town today.

Let’s see what I get out of the Wii.

Problem: I’m not sleeping well. Last night I was up reading till 1AM. Then my first born woke me up at 1:30 AM with a dead mail server. Then my second born woke me up at 3 AM – it took about 30 minutes for him to go to sleep. Then my wife proceeded to wake me up at 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM and eventually the office at 9 AM.

Just gotta push through it and look forward to Wii today. I’ve committed to giving this at least 2 months before trying something else / more radical. Just gotta get into the swing of things.

Little Bit Better

Second day, curbed a bit of bad behavior. I had 3 sodas today – 1 with lunch, 1 at work and 1 with dinner. After bumping up the workout a little, a celebratory Bud Select – a 55 cal sleeping pill ;)

Better meal distribution too:


Quiznos: Turkey Pesto Bullet, Tomato & Basil soup. About 400 cal.


Panera: Pick 2: Tuna Salad, Cuban Panini. Not sure about the cal count here.


4 miles at 4mph, took an hour to burn 530 cal.

Downside: monster headache. I couldn’t shake it. Katie is also seemingly pissed at me, probably because I spent an hour by myself in the evening working out.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and cut out another soda and replace it with water at lunch. Baby steps. Adding a bit more than cardio to the workout.

Slow start

Today started a little slow as far as my agenda is concerned. I woke up late, didn’t have really good stuff to snack on and definitely didn’t plan things out. But half of the battle is just starting, right.

Noon (lunch)
Ham & Turkey at Subway, (400 cal) – ham, turkey, swiss, tomato, lots of onion, olives, bannana peppers and a side of apple slices for lunch.

3 PM (meeting)
Chips (160 cal) – sun something chips, good choice because they taste awful and have a texture of plywood scrap. It curbs appetite, I don’t really feel like putting anything else in my mouth after that.

6:30 PM (dinner)
Corn bread
Popcorn chicken
Celery sticks & dip
About a pound of seedless black grapes

9 PM (reading)

11:30 PM (this blog)
Bud Select 55 (55 cals) – something that will put me to sleep in the next 30 minutes..

Probably the worst thing I did today, diet wise, is the drinks. I had 2 Diet Mountain Dews, 4 Diet Cokes, 2 Orange Fantas and something else that wasn’t good. Basically, 0 water but also 0 calories, 0 caffeine. Not good, will try to curb that a little tomorrow.


I did a walk around our block this morning. That is about a mile.

Earlier tonight, I went on about a 3 mile jog @ 4mph. Took 45 minutes and burned about 470 calories.

So action item for tomorrow: drink only one soft drink with each meal.

Getting the fat out

For the past few years I’ve been hanging just north of 200 lbs which at my height (6’1”) is actually obese. Every now and then I go down to about 200 but that’s about it.

Last week we went to a cruise where I pretty much just ate, and ate, and ate, and.. well, at this point I’m really sick of food and everything pretty much tastes like crap. So I figured this would be as good of a time to drop my weight down to another range and stick with it.

My goal is to lose 20 lb. That would put me at 188, or where I would no longer be fat. ;)

I’ll be posting about what I eat, when I sleep, how much exercise I do and what kind. We’ll see how this goes.


g2After I realized that the Mexicans were making more money than I do by planting a $20 plant for $300, I decided it was time to add another “daddy” activity to play with my son. Believe it or not, little kids are very destructive and I’ve found that I need an outlet for him. So when it’s not washing a car, its working on mommy’s garden. To the left are hydrangea bushes, Katie’s favorite. Unfortunately, they are quite weak and can’t handle the Florida heat so by the end of the day I have to water them to get their sweltered flowers to stand back up.

g1In the front yard we have a little palm section – This whole thing took me over 2 hours with Timmy. We pulled up the old mulch, ton of weeds, old flowers and put a bunch of annuals. Hybrid Lillies underneath the palm, row of marigolds and some other junk.


g3Finally, looking forward to finding a spot for the magnolia tree. We had these in Europe and they are absolutely gorgeous but one thing I’m discovering is that pretty much anything but a palm tree requires 300 immigrants with water buckets walking around watering and trimming things.

For now, I’m really happy that I have another activity for Timmy to be able to be destructive in and do something nice for mommy too! One thing I’ve learned is that he definitely didn’t get it for me, I am not meant for manual labor. Also, beware of red mulch – yeah it looks pretty but it stains like crazy.

So far, I’ve spent about $400 on the garden, between 6 rose shrubs in the back, random ficus, annuals, etc. Far cry from what the local landscape monopoly wanted.

That’s my boy..

Something so cute happened tonight that I just had to blog about it… for the first time in over 13 months. Ah, I actually have a life these days, quite an active one. To the left is my beautiful baby son, Tim Mazek.iPhone 1527

Earlier tonight he was being bad and his mommy was losing patience with him. He resisted clothing and he peed on the floor. I don’t have the heart to tell her that without her around, I’d probably be doing the same. Anyhow, point is, he was getting on her nerves.

So he asked for some watermellon.

She handed him over some.

He sat on the floor, started eating from his plate and then threw a piece of it on the floor. What happened next was an old fashioned, down home, beatdown. I believe I heard “Momma ain’t about to raise no watermellon spillin’ fool. Finna turn your ass purple.” (I was trying to set the dinner table, I may not have heard the exact words exchanged but I assure you that it sounded/felt similar.)

What happened next was just… amazing. For all three of us.

He went to the cabinet under the sink and kept on asking for her to open it.

iPhone 1535He then took the plastic box of Clorox wipes and we both thought.. alright, he’s just asking for a beatdown, we’ll let him amuse himself.

He then went to the spot where he threw down the watermellon chunk, pulled out a wipe and started cleaning up after himself.

As we watched in awe… he took the box back to the cabinet. Katie went to close it.

Timmy then picked up the child lock and started putting it onto the cabinet.

“All done!”


In case you’re wondering, of course, he got it from me. :)

Signs of Old

Today I got one of the first signs that I am indeed getting old.

On the positive side, I did discover a new feature in my Vette!

I live in a very nice neighborhood in Orlando. Price of living in paradise is that it’s also a tourist hotspot. There is only one way out, and it involves crossing 2 lanes of traffic to get to the northbound side (towards Lake Buena Vista). Naturally, the left hand lane for the northbound turn is filled with “Yours to discover” license plates and there are times I wish they spent more time discovering Ontario instead of getting lost in Florida. Anyhow, I just pull all the way up front in the right hand lane towards Kissimmee because lord knows don’t nobody want to go to Kissimmee! as Martin Lawrence would put it.

Apparently there is some sort of Canadian law against merging into moving traffic. There isn’t one in America. You are allowed to merge into a moving line of traffic if one of the lanes is not occupied. You do not need both lines to be empty for your full line of sight. Trust me on this one.

Anyhow. I do this daily.

Right hand lane, to the full stop.

First gear, punch it, once half way through the traffic shift up, cut the wheel, punch it again and no more cars for half a mile.

Today I must have been a little off my game. I took the left lane.

So about a minute into it, and four cars deep, I looked up and yup. Clean lines, north and south. So I just left my lane, pushed forward and rolled straight to the intersection.

Now, apparently the 20-30 extra yards make a difference in a Z06 ;)

I ended up shifting at my usual spot but this time the car must have been going a little bit faster. Instead of just punching it and drifting through the curve, the tail spun and “Active Handling” sign came on.

It did not seem to affect performance at all, because apparently “Active Handling” means “We’ll turn this car on the dime because your dumb ass can’t drive”

Earlier this evening I went back to see what I had done. It looked like a 90 degree turn painted on in Michelin’s.

Now, the 20 year old Vlad would have snickered at that and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The 30 year old Vlad actually said “Shit, that’s at least $100 right there.”

At least I gave them quite  a show ;)

Drug Anger

I am not a violent person. I don’t get into fights, I don’t flip people off while driving….. but put me in front of a sealed drug container when I’m sick and the flow of profanities just does not stop.

I am trying to get through a cold. Today I went and I bought a nasal spray that is supposedly going to stop mucus from forming in my sinuses. Fantastic! Except they put more hard plastic around this beast and completely enclosed it, to the extent that even Secret Service would consider extreme.

So here I am, drowsy, with a headache, sneezing my way around a kitchen with a knife fit to slaughter an elephant with, try to open a 3" nasal spray enclosure.

I guess they can only live up to the promise that they will make you feel better. When you break out an AK-47 and put 300 holes in the damn thing.

Angry, stuffy, Vlad.

Waking up Angry

Yesterday I woke up very angry.

I started training for the marathon season last week and have not really been pushing myself to do too much too quickly. Over the next three months my primary goal is just not to look like Homerball (from the Simpsons game, if you haven’t played it you are missing out)

I didn’t let anyone in on it either. I managed to make it through the morning meeting cycle very chipper, join in on a chat and a overseas conference call in a good and positive mood, wrote a fair amount of code, managed to take my wife and son out to dinner. It was a good day.

Yet, throughout the day I just could not help myself but wanting to punch every single person and thing I encountered in my way. I think I’ve gone so far in the "business sociopath" track that I am able to control my emotions and provide a very consistent interaction with people, face to face or virtually, and not let in on at all about whats going on.

But man, last night the Wii boxing paid for it big time. Also added more than 2 miles on the ‘mill running and feeling great today.

I guess marathon training is starting to wash out the bitter out of Vlad…

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! X-Files movie is back? July 25th.

I can’t wait!!! I grew up on X-Files and I can’t wait to see it. I had no idea this was even in production, I guess over the years we have become far more accepting of paranormal fiction genre.

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