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Timmy and I are in South California for a little trip to Disneyland – Think Disney World, air conditioned, with half as many people and twice the stuff for a 2 year old to do in like 1/100th of the space. This is our first father-son only trip and so far it’s a blast! You [...]

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Daddy Son Cross Country Trip

One of the coolest things about being a father is having a little dude that you can pin all your jackass ambitions and wishes and say you’re doing it for him. Even better, I have a little sidekick that will tag along for just about anything. Cross country trip to go to Disneyland? This is [...]

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That’s my boy..

Something so cute happened tonight that I just had to blog about it… for the first time in over 13 months. Ah, I actually have a life these days, quite an active one. To the left is my beautiful baby son, Tim Mazek. Earlier tonight he was being bad and his mommy was losing patience [...]

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