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Diet Progress

Figured I’d offer an update. Things are going well, slow and steady, I knew this would be a long haul and that it wouldn’t be easy but I also didn’t want to completely change my lifestyle or starve. So slow and steady, pounds are melting off. Here are some quick takeaways: – Not eating after [...]

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Sticking to it on the weekends

Weekends are never easy to stick to a schedule or a diet because we’re all over the place and usually nowhere near food that isn’t awful. So this weekend was more about managing time to eat and location than it was to sticking to the schedule, etc. I also tried to space things out by [...]

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Little Bit Better

Second day, curbed a bit of bad behavior. I had 3 sodas today – 1 with lunch, 1 at work and 1 with dinner. After bumping up the workout a little, a celebratory Bud Select – a 55 cal sleeping pill Better meal distribution too: Lunch Quiznos: Turkey Pesto Bullet, Tomato & Basil soup. About [...]

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Slow start

Today started a little slow as far as my agenda is concerned. I woke up late, didn’t have really good stuff to snack on and definitely didn’t plan things out. But half of the battle is just starting, right. Noon (lunch) Ham & Turkey at Subway, (400 cal) – ham, turkey, swiss, tomato, lots of [...]

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Getting the fat out

For the past few years I’ve been hanging just north of 200 lbs which at my height (6’1”) is actually obese. Every now and then I go down to about 200 but that’s about it. Last week we went to a cruise where I pretty much just ate, and ate, and ate, and.. well, at [...]

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