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Archive for September, 2007

Jesus Wouldn’t Do This

Nothing dispells the myth of creationism quite like this brilliant proof of unitelligent design I’ll give him credit for the figurines though, thats bound to attract kids to the car and the tinted windows take care of the rest All jokes aside, this freak has two cars and drives them around I-drive in Orlando in [...]

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Shaping Young Minds

Got this gem from Erick that just needs to be recorded: I don’t know if you should be shaping young children’s minds – you’re failing miserably with the kids in the channel.. This builds on another great quote, from someone whose identity I must protect for the time being due to the VIP status, but: [...]

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+1 Greeks

Gotta love bad college essays: Check out this one, guaranteed to make you laugh. Now, ironically, this is not the worst essay I ever read. I can’t be specific on which one was the worst as the person has now tracked me down on a social network and I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings [...]

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